About Us

Our goal at Revamped is to find potential in old and unwanted garments and re-purpose them into something creative and new. As we strive to go against the fast-fashion industry, we are providing a new way of second-hand shopping and creating fresh designs from used clothes. So Instead of going out and buying mass produced clothing, fall in love with the recycled and improved!

At Revamped, we are tying together our two favorite things: fashion and helping others. We have found several ways to help make a difference in the fast fashion industry. The secondhand clothing that is donated to us will NEVER be thrown away and we will always look for ways to use the material we have to make new pieces. We are also very excited to note that we donate a percentage of our sales to a UK-based campaign group called "Labour Behind the Label" which focuses exclusively on labour rights in the global garment industry. If you would like to make a donation to this organization, click here